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PiPA is a new way of signing in to apps and online services using your smartphone.

Undoubtedly you’ll ask, why PiPA?

When we reach some of our early milestones, the features available to you will make PiPA a no-brainer. The best thing, for now, is to give you the gist of what we feel could help in convincing you to try PiPA.

  • Complete privacy.

    We don’t track, monitor or record data and will NEVER sell anything about you.

  • Forget passwords.

    That's right, you never have to remember passwords for any service that’s PiPA enabled.

  • Free to use.

    Only becoming a verified user requires a nominal annual subscription because it costs us as well.

  • One-time verification.

    Using a government-issued identity document, PiPA verifies you so other services don’t have to request your documents.

  • Dedicated to authentication.

    So you don’t have to worry about any services you sign up to using PiPA posting on your social networks.

  • Less is actually less.

    Minimising your digital footprint so there’s less of your personal information and activity floating around online and held by fewer organisations.

Try the Demo, see how PiPA works.

It only takes a few minutes to install and try out. As we add features and integrate with more services, we’ll let you know, so you can make the most of them.

Connect and let your smartphone log you into apps and websites.

Pair with browsers once and enable PiPA wherever you go.

Get verified with PiPA so others don’t need you to send documents.

Once verified, identify yourself without the need to carry ID documents.


We need you to make the most of everything PiPA has to offer. If you believe in what we’re trying to do then your integrations, contacts, implementations and the way you bend, shape and innovate the uses of PiPA will allow us to make more services available to as many people as possible. Every new service integrated benefits from opening itself to all the existing users.

To help we have the following:

PiPA Console
The control centre for integration.

In its early stages but this will grow to be a dedicated control panel to manage all your integrations and users who have access to it.

A quick walkthrough of how it all works.

We’ve compiled a few quick guides; how to set up and log into a website and log into a dummy app. More feature demos to follow.

One extra button, providing choice, privacy and many more possibilities.

We’re asking for choice, to let users decide if they want a social network or a company notorious for tracking everything for Ads to manage all their accounts. Or have a dedicated authentication platform that does NOT want to post anything, track its users or share friends lists. Only wants to grant service providers the bare minimum of the user's information in situations where it’s absolutely necessary.

With PiPA you can...

Get users to quickly and easily sign into apps and web services for free using their smartphone.

Verify identity in seconds, no need to send or store identity documents.

Become compliant in GDPR and KYC, among others, by delegating authentication to PiPA.

Want to contact us?

The easiest way is to email us ( or use the form below: