Welcome to the PiPA Console

The control center for integration

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Using this console you can manage your website, app, and API integrations as well as find out information about the PiPA services you use.

Key features of integration

The console is where you configure and manage your organization's integrations with PiPA.

  • Set up PiPA Sign-in for your website and apps

    You can set up your service to sign in with PiPA easily whether you use Java, PHP, Android, iOS, or with OpenID.

  • Manage Integrations.

    View, manage, and organize the integrations you've made with PiPA.

  • Share access to your organization

    Invite users and manage access to the organizational account.


We make it easy to integrate with PiPA. Depending on how you want to use PiPA there are several options for integration.

Want to contact us?

The easiest way is to email us (contact@pipa.co) or use the form below: