Wordpress Integration

PiPA Connect is a secure, password-less authentication service for Wordpress that will allow your users to sign in to your website using just their phone. Although a password is still required by the WordPress CMS itself, users can create a new account or associate an existing account with a PiPA ID to allow themselves to login to your website with only their smartphone.

Installing Wordpress Plugin

Integrating with Wordpress is simple. To get started, first you have to install the PiPA Wordpress Connect plugin. The easiest way to this is to log into the admin panel of your Wordpress instance and click on the "Plugins" menu option. Once there, search for "PiPA Connect" and click "Install now". You can then click "Activate" to activate it immediately, or go back to the Plugins listing.

When PiPA Connect has been activated, it then requires some settings to be configured before PiPA login can be used. Find the PiPA Wordpress Plugin and click on "Settings". Under the Client Settings header, you'll see two URLs - "Website Address" and "Redirect Address". These are needed to set up the intergration in PiPA's console.

Setting Up Integration

Next, you need to register your website with PiPA. It you haven't yet, you need to install and sign up with PiPA.

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Then visit the PiPA Console and follow the instructions to pair your browser with PiPA App if needed. Once this is complete, you have to set up an organization within the console - fill in as much information as you can.

Once you're in the console, click on "Manage Connections" and then scroll down to find Wordpress in the list of integration types. This takes you to a page where you can set up an integration with Wordpress. Now, you need to copy the two URLs from your Wordpress installation's PiPA Connect settings page into this page, and enter a display name. The display name is what will be shown to users when they receive a log-in request on their devices. Click submit to continue to the next page.

This page shows the information needed to configure your Wordpress site. Click on the ID or Secret fields to copy them, and paste them into the settings in your Wordpress site. This allows your Wordpres site to communicate securely with the PiPA server.

Using with Woocommerce (Optional)

If you have a WooCommerce store, you can tick the ‘WooCommerce’ box on the PiPA Connect settings page, to enable the WooCommerce integration. This will display the PiPA login button in the relevant account locations on your WooCommerce website.

Requesting Email from Users

Because of how wordpress's recovery process works, some sites may want to request an email from their users so that if the user stops using PiPA, they can still access the account. To do so, tick "Request Email" box in the wordpress instance. When this is selected, during the registration process the users will receive a request which asks for an email address in addition to approval. However, not all users will provide an email - if they don't, they will need to perform access recovery through the PiPA app before they will be able to access their wordpress account.