TUTORIAL 01: Pairing with a browser.

For this tutorial you will need the following:

  • A smartphone with fingerprint or facial recognition enabled to lock your phone.

  • A desktop computer or tablet with an active internet connection.

  • 01 - Download and install the PiPA app.

    It’s available on the App and Play stores.

  • 02 - Complete the simple setup process.

    Step through the “Formalities” and “Setup Access” screens in the app, then you’ll be ready to pair with a browser.

  • 03 - Pair with a browser.

    On your computer or tablet, launch a browser and visit the following link: pipa.co/pair. Pairing is the process of linking your browser with PiPA on your smartphone.

  • 04 - Pairing more than once.

    You can pair as many times and on as many devices as you’d like, simply repeat step 03. Usually, this will be devices you use regularly like your work or home computer/tablet but even if it’s not you can always unpair when you don’t want to use that browser anymore. If you forget to unpair it will not be possible to log in from the browser alone regardless.

  • That’s it, done!

TUTORIAL 02: Logging into a website with PiPA.

This tutorial requires that you've followed the steps in Tutorial 1 to pair the PiPA app with your browser.

  • 01 - Viewing Demo.

    Visit a website supporting PiPA in your browser. demo.pipa.co is a demo site you can use to test this.

  • 02 - Logging in.

    Click on the "Log in with PiPA" button. This will take you to a page stating that a notification has been sent to your phone.

  • 03 - Accept request.

    On your mobile device, check that you've received a notification. Accept it, or if you can't see it you can drag down on the home page to check for new requests.

  • 04 - Done.

    You've just logged in with PiPA!

  • That’s it, done!